Formula error - bad data?

I have an Appsheet application that is meant to take registrations and sign-ins on a public/kiosk style tablet. That means there is no way to view the records that are being entered before or after syncing because of the obvious privacy concern. Every so often, someone does something that causes the below error.

Internal Error: Row with key [8/19/2019 19:09:23] not added because the app believes that column 'Student Name contains a formula but the data structure seems to have changed.

And since I cannot view the inputted data (due to kiosk-style permissions), I don’t know what user is causing this problem. The only solution when this happens is to clear the app data in Android. I either need a way to understand this error and prevent it, or view the inputted data in a password protected way. Any ideas?

Is someone accessing the backend spreadsheet by some other mean?

Definitely not

For this issue, I suggest you contact directly.

Hi John

I’ve got the same message coming up. Happens every so often, but if it does, I have to re-enter the local data which takes ages. Did you figure out what was wrong?