Formula for value from last row

Hi everyone.

Im working on a concatenate formula for a HYPERLINK.

The formula works fine as shown, when [Total] is in the same table and row: CONCATENATE(, [Total], mxn)

Now im trying to obtain the [TOTAL] value from the last row of a different table “Ventas”.

Any ideas?
I tried LOOKUP and MAXROW, but I believe this wont work as MAXROW only brings back Key Columns and not the desired column [total].

concatenate(“”, MAXROW(VENTAS2, TOTAL), mxn)



Thanks Steve, this did work:

Although when clicking on the link generated it redirects to:


When I try to edit the Action and activate the “Launch external” and click “Save” it turns the option toggle back to off.

So I tried also the same thing in Column Type, it did keep the toggle on, but same results with the link:

Any idea what could be happening?

Thanks again!

Thank you @Bahbus I tried this but got the same results.
I don´t think IM getting problems because of the text in the CONCATENATE formula, actually the expression is correct.
Its just the link that wont redirect to the actual URL generated, but to:
http://’’%20aqu-t8a/ (This is copied/pasted from chrome address bar)
image (This is screenshot)