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I created a sheet which my staff update in a month. This sheet collects data on store performance. There are instances were this sheet will contain 2 rows for a store visited in a particular month because of the store visited twice.

How do i lookup the last updated row and vlookup a particular cell?

thank you for your assistance.

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You could read the last value with the combination of LOOKUP and MAXROW expressions. Something like…

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HI Aleksi,

Need your help with this formula please. I tried to substitute my columns in the formula and i keep getting #error

Please help.

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May I ask what that formula is?


So i have a sheet that is called “call report” and this sheet collects the data. and in this sheet i can get data on a particular store more than once.

I then have another sheet that looks up the last occurrence and brings in the value of a specific column.

LOOKUP(MAXROW(Call Report,_Rownumber),Call Report,Store,Current Month Actual)

To be sure first try to use… LOOKUP(MAXROW(“Call Report”,"_Rownumber"),“Call Report”,“Store”,“Current Month Actual”). Then… Is the “Store” column a key column?

the key column is Date. I substituted it and i still get an #error

The MAXROW expression will give you the value of that row’s key column value. Then you need to find that value from the key column with your lookup.

let me try it in steps and see the result it gives me.

Thank you Aleksi

Do you know if a column can become not editable after a save is done?

Yes it can… for many reasons. For example key column will do that or if you have some kind of formula with the option “Editable”.