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Hello everybody
I have an action button that inserts the current time into a column. with the formula below it is shown only if: IN ([service], {815,814}).
How can I toggle the button when pressed?
IN ([service], {815,814}) isblank ([service] …

Add a status column [Filled], type Enum with the values Yes/No
1’st action to set [Filled] to Yes (Do not display - Appearance section- Prominence)
2’nd action to insert the time (Do not display - Appearance section-Prominence)
3’rd action to run action 1 and 2 (Grouped: execute a sequence of actions)

Set the 3’rd action’s display type in Appearance section-Prominence
Then a bit bellow on Behaviour section, Only if this condition is true :

Hiand thanks for your answer.
But isn’t there a way to use the formula directly in my example?

Never thought about it as I got that solution and just used it but this should work:


(in Behaviour section)

Hi, if i understand correctly, you want to enter a Time in a time column ONLY IF the [service] is equal to 815 or 814. Once the time is entered, then you want the button to go away.

If correct, then I think you want an expression like the following:

AND(IN([service], LIST(815,814)), ISBLANK([Time Column]))
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Thanks!!! a lot

I thank you for your help…
If you would like to add another condition as well, as in the example I added to your expression
AND(IN([service], LIST(815,814)),[setting]="ok "ISBLANK([Time Column]))

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