Formula ifs

Hi everyone
I have this formula in a security filter,
AND(CONTAINS(IFS( [UserSelect]=”Rampa 1” , LEFT([RAMPA],FIND("/",[RAMPA])-1), [UserSelect]=”Rampa 2” ,RIGHT([RAMPA],FIND("/",[RAMPA])+1), [UserSelect]=”Both” , [Rampa])
, LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),RAMPE,EMAIL,UTENTI)), OR([status]=“open”, [status]=“closed”,[status]=""))

everything works but I would like to change it:
I would like to remove “both” so I don’t need it and I can add more RAMP 1.2, even RAMP 3.
thank you

What do you need from us?

I would like a hand to modify the formula above