Formula in show column

Hi, can anyone confirm whether you can use an IF statement in the Content of a Image show column?

I have an image that has text on it and when using a mobile device the text gets quite small so I created a mobile friendly version of the image where the text is proportional. I then tried to set the content value as an expression:


Both images load if I just set the content to “Info1.png” or “Info2.png”

Am I just trying to be too clever? Thanks for any insight.

An expression in the Content property of a Show column should work just fine. In what way isn’t it working as you expect? Can you provide screenshots showing the problem?

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Thanks for responding. The image is not displayed on either browser or mobile. I just get the square icon that is typical when the image cannot be found. Even if the condition was not met, the false value should still be shown. I am not using the full path to the images but changing the condition to be just “Info2.png” works just fine.

I can get a screenshot if needed tomorrow.

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That behavior is unexpected, though I must admit I’ve never tried to use a conditional with a Show Image. I’m going to have to suggest you engage for help with this.