Formula REPORT template

<<IFS([Acido Solforico]>100,[Acido Solforico])>><<IFS([Acido Solforico]<100,[Acido Solforico])>>

This formula,with 2 different colors (black and red) doesn’t work correctly in report template.

When the number is less than 100 it doesn’t turn red

Thanks for help

Would you please take a printscreen from your template. I also changed the category from “Tips and Tricks” to “Questions”.


Are other formulas formatting values correclty?

No, all formulas don’t work correctly.
The columns in table are a number type.

Try to add a space between those two <<IFS()>>

I have tried but no, the numbers are always black.

I tested with a simple template and it should be fine. Then I would test the expression is it always giving TRUE as a result.