Formula to calculate mutation no longer working

This formula used to work perfectly:

SUM(IFS(CONTAINS([Entradas Relacionadas][Transferencia:], [KEY:]), [Entradas Relacionadas][Cambio:]))

the field [Cambio:] in the parent table would sum up the mutations in all child entries.

Now Everytime I try to make an entry in the child table, the parent field [Cambio:] has a balance of 0.

I don’t understand why it’s no longer working since I have used this formula for longer than a year.

Can somebody please assist?

Thanks in advance.


I think this is happening because my virtual column no longer updates in the form view. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

I’m not seeing any issues with VCs on my end. Have you used the test buttons on each of these columns and their dependencies to see if the expressions are still pulling the right data? What about this VC? What is it doing? How is it set up?


Hi @Bahbus thanks for replying.

I have tested my formula in the editor and the test results are exactly what I expect them to be.
The virtual column should sum up the mutation column from all related child entries.
Up until yesterday this used to work without any problems.

My app registers transactions and I have it set up in the following way:

  1. a parent table for transactions
    In this table I have several columns but relevant for this explanation are only the regular column [Cambio:] and the virtual column [CAMBIO CALC].
    [CAMBIO CALC] uses the following expression:
    SUM([Entradas Relacionadas][Cambio:])
    [Cambio:] uses an app formula which just points to [CAMBIO CALC]. I need both columns because, I use [Cambio:] to be able to see the mutations in my Google sheets and I use [CAMBIO CALC] in another part of my app where I require the sum of the mutations to be correct no matter what.

  2. a child table for transaction entries
    The relevant column in this table is [Cambio:]

What I noticed is that upon saving a child entry, and returning to the form view of the parent table, the virtual column [CAMBIO CALC] is not updated and therefore the total sum of [CAMBIO CALC] and [Cambio:] in my parents table remains 0.
Once I save the entry of the parent table, the virtual column [CAMBIO CALC] is correctly updated, but [Cambio:] of course remains 0, because it’s an app formula and not a virtual column.

The way I see it, the culprit is the virtual column that is no longer updates automatically in my form view.

I would email for help then. I have VCs referencing children that are updating in real time - so its odd that that isn’t working. But I never have any regular columns set to reference data from a VC, so I can’t pull from any experience there either way. But I imagine your assessment would be correct, a bug in the first part breaks the second part.

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There was a regression in a recent performance optimization that’s caused some formulas of the form [List of Refs Column][Other Column] to fail to recognize newly added rows. We have a fix for this pending, I expect it should take effect within a day or so.