Formula to reference a lookup table

Hi. First of all I have searched high and wide for this solution, to no effect so please excuse the question if the answer is available somewhere else.

I have a Client Detail form showing General client information. At the bottom of this form I would like to show a list of payments that the client has made (Date, Amount, Method etc). These payment details are already held on another sheet, already in my Appsheet app. This payment sheet shows all payments made by all clients. How do I reference and show a table of payments for that particular client at the bottom of the client detail page, if at all possible. Thanks.

Hi Andrew. To do this you should go to your Payment Details table and find the Client column that will reference back to your Client Detail table. Change this Client column to a “Ref” column type and select your Client Table as the referenced table.

Once you click save Appsheet will build the inline views for the General client details to show a list of all of the orders.

When using the “ref” column type you will always choose the column that has “many” entries and choose the reference table as the one that has the unique values.

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Rich. Thanks for your reply. In effect, this is what I have already tried. However I think that the problem is related to broken references - I will repair these and get back if the problem persists.