Formulas returning invalid type 'Unknown'

Hello appsheet I am having trouble getting basic arithmetic formulas to work and I have only had this problem in this app.

These columns are all “decimal” type but any attempt to multiply them by one another or set up more complex calculation formulas returns and 'Unknown" output. I feel like I am not doing anything different than I always have please let me know if you see an obvious error or have experienced the same issue.

Thank you

I see nothing blatantly wrong.

Had you changed or added column names just prior to this error? If so, I would try removing the calculation, Save, then perform an App Save and then try to re-insert the calc after that.

Side note - fyi, the “Labor - Overtime out of Scope” column name has an extra space in it. :slight_smile:

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If nothing else works, try to remove the “-” from your column name.

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