Forumla to send email when date + 5 days


can some one help to add formula when i enter a DATE , i want to receive email when this date + 5 days came.


Hi @adiboo_adib,

You can create a new Workflow (under Behavior tab). Under “Update event” you will have to choose ADDS_ONLY (if you only want this to happen when a new entry is added), select the Target table where the data is in and under Condition you would have the following:

[Column with date] + 5 = TODAY()

I hope this helps! You can find more about date and time expressions here and workflows here.


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Hi thanks for your relpay
but i don’t receive email after 5 day
hope someone to help for formula please.

Instead of using Workflow, you need to use Scheduled report. Then the condition rule would be…


i tried but i don’t receive the notification, i use only TODAY()=[mydatecolumn]
thanks for help

Is the app deployed? Do you have Pro plan?

Yes and work good, only personal app

Please check from the Audit history what the details show. Editor > Manage > Monitor > Launch log analyzer and then search the correct Report and click “Details”

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I found the problem, the schedule was on monthly , i modify it to Daily now it work thanks

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