FREE Chrome Extension that enhances the Expression Assistant

And here is the type of examples I wish i could easily find. Not sure if it’s easy to add as a library??

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Thank you very much. This is so helpful.

Here I read:
These snippets are stored in local browser memory, so clearing your browser memory WILL DELETE any saved snippets. We do not receive this data.

  • Can we sync the Snippets over different Chrome Profiles?
  • Could we do a Google Drive sync with the Snippets?
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Great questions. The ideal scenario is that we’d store these snippets in the cloud for you, so you could have access beyond the life of the browser memory. It takes more development and has an added cost to it, so we wanted a lighter approach to start with.

Storing it in such a way that it syncs with that same chrome profile across devices is not to difficult, though. I’d have to test if it gets deleted as the browser data gets cleared.

I’ve also considered an option to mass download/upload, but that seems more like an inconvenient work around rather than a fix

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@mike, you could certainly save that whole things as a snippet, but it would be cool to have a place in the Documentation site for user generated expressions/implementations that is easily searchable

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@Stefan_Quartemont this looks great, will be testing it out today!

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@Stefan_Quartemont I tried this out but found that the SNIP button overlays or replaces the expand the expression window button in the bottom right-hand corner of the expression editor window as shown below. This means for longer expressions one has to now manually scroll. Can this be resolved ?


Currently, the formatted text space is not dynamically resizable, unlike the original AppSheet textbox, but I have thought about including that.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Very cool!! Thanks @Stefan_Quartemont.

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Awesome @Stefan_Quartemont, this looks fantastic!

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Awsome @Stefan_Quartemont!

Thanks for the love, @Benoit_Gramond @Octfolio_Seb @Bellave_Jayaram !

Really spectacular @Stefan_Quartemont . I love it.

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Thanks for trying it out and sharing your thoughts, @Mariano_Sanz_Gil.

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Thank you! You’re the BEST! #peace2u

Thanks! Sounds fantastic. My one reservation is with the idea of adding extensions to Chrome in general. I heard an interview with Geoffrey Fowler of the The Washington Post that I found rather concerning:

I think, in fact, that we rely on the company that makes the web browser software, Chrome or Firefox, to have our interests at heart, right? And our interests would be to not be tracked. And yet Chrome is not doing that for us. That’s in pretty big contrast to its much smaller rival, Firefox, which is made by a nonprofit called Mozilla.

I listened to the audio but here’s an article by Fowler on the same topic:

Most of you are far more tech savvy than I am so I’ll defer to your judgment as to whether or not there is as much concern about adding extensions as Fowler indicates. Or, maybe even if there is some concern, it’s worth it. I don’t know. I know that Google is a very important AppSheet partner and I’m not trying to disparage Google, but I wasn’t sure what to make of Fowler’s position.

P.S. Here’s a video:

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Kirk, if you’re scarred then live in a bubble, and cut the cord… The entire big tech community is listening to everything, and knows you better than you know you…


@Kirk_Masden I was decently ignorant of how an extension could access my data before building this. It’s crazy how much of the browser experience an extension can monitor and modify - I would have thought there would have been more restrictions.

Fortunately, modern extensions have to declare in their privacy policies what they are tracking and have some particular security policies from Google that they need to abide by.

Basically - read the privacy policies to make sure you’re not going to get your identity stolen by a chrome extension.


Thank you @Stefan_Quartemont. I’d like to apologize to you because I hadn’t read your post carefully enough to recognize that the extension is one you built. I really appreciate your response and this huge contribution. Actually, I had posted about the need for better expression editing tool myself earlier:

I just added the extension and found it extremely intuitive and easy to use. This will save me the trouble of going back and forth between the browser and my text editor. You should get a medal from AppSheet!


@Kirk_Masden No worries, friend. I’m really glad you’re enjoying the extension. :slight_smile:

We tried to make it simple and fun to use. Some of the things we are looking at adding soon are user settings customizations for color theme, bracket closing, and a few other editor specific settings.

@MultiTech_Visions ^^ Those are for you :wink:


@Stephen_Mattison Thanks for the props and leaving that awesome review on the Chrome Extension Store. Puts a :slight_smile: on my face