FREE Chrome Extension that enhances the Expression Assistant


It seems the editor changes have not reached my AppSheet account yet. Once they do, I will investigate the break and respond with an ETA on the fix


Thank you!
It is easy get attached to the QREW Editor.
Let me know if you need remote access to my Chrome browser?

Haha Right? Im especially missing the auto closing parenthesis and brackets!

@Stefan_Quartemont interesting catch: The extension shows on a lot of my older apps. Tried updating version in the Manage-Version Tabs and after doing that it disappeared for that app.

Mainly confirming some sort of change in the appsheet’s editor that the extension show/hides based on.

Looks like the crash is from this function in the extension code that looks for the App ID in the page.

function scrapeAppId() {
    return (

We made some changes to how the editor loads, which seems to have removed that link in so The extension runs just fine if I attach the debugger at the return statement and run this:

  $('<a id="appPreviewLink" href="appId=deadbeef">bar</a>'))

Scraping code is always going to be kind of brittle, though we’re certainly not trying to break stuff! We do have a window.getId() function, which is similarly an internal API but is less likely to change in the immediate future.

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Thanks for looking into that and reaching out! I suspected that could be the culprit based on the screenshot posted previously. I knew our method of extracting the Apps GUID from the HTML for the API call to return the app schema was kinda sketchy and would be likely broken based on an AppSheet editor update.

I will get that updated based on your feedback.

Thanks :slight_smile:



Hey Everyone,

We’ve just uploaded a patch for the issue. It has to go through a review process (0-3days) by Google and then it will appear automatically for everyone.

Thanks to everyone for flagging the issue and helping the debug process.

Keep Calm and AppSheet on!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is back again. Thank you :crazy_face:

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Hi Qrew, nice work with the feature. I just noticed with a long Snippet name it cuts the top row in half.

Thank you for all of your hard work! This is a great addition to the AppSheet developer community.

This add a lot of important features that we were missing from the editor. But the 6-line limit is too small for many of my formulas.

I end up having to write my formulas in a text editor so I can see everything, then paste into the expression editor in AppSheet. This removes most of the benefits of the extension and adds a step-- making the original editor still a better choice for my regular work.

Are there any plans of adding a resizable editor? The regular AppSheet expression editor allows you to resize the window. And I have seen others request the same feature here:

I think you’ve added a lot of great features, and I would love to use them, but you’ve also removed a very important feature. Please consider adding a resizable window. Thanks!

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@GreenFlux - We don’t have a “Resizable” solution for the editor at this point. Some easier options are Pop-Out (Think nearly 3/4 full screen size editing area) or Collapsing some or all of the expression library below.

Which would you prefer?

@Craig_Clancy1 - Thanks for pointing that out. I will get a fix out for that in the near future


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Agree with @Steve and @Bahbus. A toggle button to collapse the library and give the extra space to the editor would be ideal.

Thanks, @Stefan_Quartemont ! I don’t think the drag-to-expand feature is necessary if you can just toggle to a much larger view box with the library hidden.


Agreed with collapse. Your add-on makes it unnecessary anyway.


Well, The collapsers have it!

I’ll get working on that fix and let you guys know when it’s ready.

Thanks for the feedback - @Steve @Grant_Stead @GreenFlux @Bahbus


This is a great add-on to the AppSheet editor. I have some complex expressions that would also benefit from an expandable edit box. I would love to see that added into the extension.

Hey John,

We have an update that will allow for a larger window size coming soon :slight_smile:



Hey Everyone,

We’re pushing out another update to QREW Tools. The Expression Editor space now dynamically sizes to fit larger content. We also added a button to collapse /expand the expression library when you need a little more focus.

Chrome will update to this version automatically for you as it gets released (a week or so), so no need to go and update manually.

@Grant_Stead @Bahbus @WillowMobileSystems @Steve @GreenFlux - Thanks for the feature suggestions