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That’s a good feedback Simon…I though 0-2 also may refer to that but, you’re right, I need to add that option


  • AppSheet and None options are added to AREAS of EXPERTISE (Kudos to @1minManager for his constructive feedback)

Hi Levent and thanks

I have a question by the way

In my App I can ad Facebook posts into the Google Excel of the app however it is always that post only. In order to Embed a continuously updating, i.e. the latest Facebook post, how could that be done as per for example:

Facebook developer code needs to be inserted? Also similarly if one would like to post a video from the same or just a video how would that work? Within this framework and Google Excel?

"Facebook embed:

"Embedded Posts - Social Plugins (

Via Graph API

If you wish to automatically integrate embedded posts into your website, you probably use the Graph API to aggregate posts. For example you may use the Page Feed API endpoint and the fields parameter permalink_url .

The response to your request to /{page-id}/feed?fields=permalink_url will send you a response like this:


Thanks Matte