Freeze 1st row of name

While making app under data>> column

It is hard to scroll right and left

And when scrolled horizontally it does not show first row.( Name)

So it is hard to make decision of search, scan,nfc display name


Whenever I needed to check the name of the column I was working on, I would click on the empty space for the row (this creates a sort of highlight around the whole row) then track it back to the name.

Having the names freeze on the left side of the screen would be SUPER helpful.

Thanks for suggesting, and thanks to the AppSheet team for considering! (^_^)


This would be a huge improvement!


omg, Reading this made me feel like I was on Crack or something. Definitely needed.

Countless times Ive bean Scrolling to the top sometimes over and over after a few drinks, Would really help :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Anything on this feature yet? seems trivial. But would make a large impact on efficiency