Freeze Columns in Horizontal Scrolling for Tables + Fixed Width for Fields with "Label" selected

  1. Freeze Columns in Horizontal Scrolling for Tables
  • similar to how you can in google sheets/excel
  • i.e. so you can see what “item” (or whatever your identifier for the row is) when you scroll to the right.
  1. Quick Editing - needs to respect the “Formatting Rules”
  • we have issue, where we formatted text to be smaller, so we can see the complete text within the table view (even with UX set to “wide”, we still have issues of text being cutoff)
  • but when going to Quick Edit mode, the text goes to default size and then we have text being cutoff
  • result is that we simple cannot use the Quick Editing where we could like to. Instead need to open spreadsheet to be able to enter data in a similar way.
  1. As mentioned in point 2 - text often getting “cut-off”
  • the only text where this is a problem, isf or our “SKU codes” (i.e. the unique identifier we use to know what the item is)

example of issue: SKU / item codes like this:

Then if last 2 digits are being cutoff, then we have no way to knowing what row is what item, as all 3 rows will look the same. We then have to click into the record, just to see what the full item code is.

Solution that I see, is that if user select a field to be a “Label”, then in Table view, it should always display the text in this field in full. Or, at least allow it to go larger than other “wide columns”, to give us more characters to work with. Or, even it was only applied to the “very left / very first” column in UX (if Label was selected), that would be OK, as we always have these unique identifiers sitting on the “very left / very first” column in UX.

Video to explain all points above:

video url… url


Best to put each feature request in a separate post. Also a good idea to check whether the feature has already been requested and up-vote it rather than requesting it again.