From a form it is possible to add or modify a list ....?

Hello everybody.
First of all, again I thank everyone who always collaborates to help me with my doubts …

Again I need your help. Step to comment.
In the app that I am developing, one of the screens that I designed, I need to be able to add data to a list (Rtus_Instalados_UPD )that is inside a form( PLANIFICACIONES_PRUBAS_FORM).

As can be seen in the images, the list (Rtus_Instalados_UPD) is a virtual column that refers to a slice, which allows only modification and adding data to a related table.

I can’t understand where the problem is, could you please tell me if I’m making a mistake, or maybe a list can’t be added or modified from the form …?

Again thank you very much.

First, any column with an App Formula is never editable, and Virtual Columns always have App Formulas.

Second, there is a single “special case” for adding of related records from a Form, and that is “through” a REF_ROWS() VC pointing to child records. And for it to work from inside a Form, the Ref column in the child Table must have isPartOf turned on. To note additionally, even when adding records through the REF_ROWS VC, you still aren’t “editing” the VC, you’re simply adding a new record, and the VC is re-calculating.

When you say you want to “modify a list”, do you mean you need to add new child records?


hi Marc, thanks for all your shared wisdom. Yes, when you said that I want to modify a list, I mean to add data to the table that the list represents.

Again, thank you very much for your shared wisdom, and I am grateful, if possible, for sharing an example so that I can further fix my knowledge and be able, at some point, not to ask questions that for “many” are obvious. again, thank you very much!