From changes on a table, trigger updates on columns with formula from another table

I apologize for my english.

I was googling but couldn’t find an answer to my problem.

I have a header table, with columns of calculated totals that add up to amounts from a child table.

Sales Header
-TotalOrder = SUM (SELECT (SalesLines [Subtotal], [SalesNo] = [_THISROW]. [SalesNo]))

Obviously, first I create a record in the header table which is written to my excel file. But when I enter a new line in the child table, I can’t get the calculated field “TotalOrder” to be refreshed. I have to open the form in edit mode for the header table and save to refresh the “TotalOrder” field. .

I tried to create an action for records in the header table, Data: set the values of some columns in this row, but it only shows me the fields that do NOT have a FORMULA.
Am I misusing the summation in the header?
Is there a way to trigger in another table an update of its fields with formula?

Instead of using App formula, use Initial value and enable Reset on edit?. Then the column will be available for the action.

Sorry by my delay to thank you, i was a busy.

With “Reset on edit?” i solve my issue.
I share another setting needs for not allow input a value on TotalOrder field because its may cause a inconsistence.

I set TotalOrder to allow edit, put the SUM formula on initial value with the mark on “Reset on edit?”, and olso set the “Valid if” with LIST formula enclosing the SUM used on initial value. Olso check the “Require?” property, to ensure that always is persisted the value.

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