Frustrated! The search feature is important and shouldn't be included with hide menu and search!

I’m sure this has been requested before but really needs to be addressed ASAP. We need the ability to search within the app but also need the ability to hide the side menu - separate these please!!!

@tcanelli I definitely concur!!


Why do you need he ability to hide the side menu?

Do you have an email?

Can you do me a favor and test this and make sure you can’t see any other apps in the app gallery - can you screenshot what you see in the menu?

If your white-labelled user does not have an associated AppSheet account, the App Gallery icon will be greyed out. If the user has an associated AppSheet account, the user can only see AppSheet sample apps, his/her own apps and his/her own shared apps. No any user can see any app from your own App Gallery.

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I have people without appsheet accounts that see all the apps where I’ve added our domain. So with these public apps I just want to make sure that won’t happen and I need someone outside my org to test

If you can share your app URL I can gladly test for ya. Here is what I see from the sample app link above:

**All the apps seen here are from my account’s gallery indeed

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I had a neighbor test and she gets this

That’s so normal. To access the App Gallery he/she needs to authenticate. However he/she will see only AppSheet’s sample apps, that’s all. Honestly I found this App Gallery link pretty useless in the Hamburger menu. Confusing the user as well.


@LeventK - the link I posted above is it. You should be able to click on Restaurants or Small Businesses to go to the apps.

From what my neighbor sees (pics above) - if she were to login with any one of those accounts she shouldn’t see anything right? Since I don’t have her email in the user list.?

Okay - thanks. I hate to sacrifice the share and search just to get rid of app gallery but need to make sure all our internal apps are protected. This will actually be the first app we go public with.

That’s correct. My email is not in userlist and I have posted what I can see.

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No worries at all. Your internal apps will be safe.


Thank you!

You’re very welcome Champ!

Oh - I guess i should have asked - did everything appear to work? LOL ooop - our business liaison is pushing this out tonight.

AFAICS all was working well Champ…Go go go…


Super! Much appreciated!

Together we are strong @tcanelli, let’s go and form the Voltran :hugs:

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