Fullscreen map pin selection when adding new record

When viewing a map of record locations, one can add a new record with a manually added map pin, which will then open the associated form view with that location already filled in.

What if the user opens the form from somewhere else, fills out all other info, but then wants to select a pin location from the fullscreen map view? Is that possible?

Related, it seems that the small map view inside a form is only accessible, on a phone, when the phone’s location service is turned off. Is that correct, and is there any way to change that?

Marc, this is actually a feature request than a question. I changed the category.

I guess that means the answer is “no” then. Thanks Aleksi

Hi Marc,

You may use slices to create form views that only allow the data to be entered and another which allows just the location to be entered at a later stage.

In the first slice just omit the location and no map will appear. In the second slice just show the location only so the form view will only display a map.

So you can have 3 views in which one shows all, a second, which only omits location and a third which only allows location itself.

You may then select an action to choose which ever must pop up and at what point.

As far as location map goes, location services on your phone or device needs to be on, to correctly and accurately geo-locate your position and pin on the fly in the field.

One may even do pre or post population of any location using ones PC for example rather than on the phone in the field.

None of these are feature requests as I currently use them :grinning:

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Good suggestions, thanks.