Function without result

Hello, first of all thank you for the help that you can give me.

I have a Slice table in which I have created a simple expression but I can’t get the result

[Fecha vencimiento del certificado]>=DATE(“20/10/2021”),

ISNOTBLANK([Fecha vencimiento del certificado]),
[Fecha vencimiento del certificado]<=NOW()+15


With this expression it should show only those records that are greater than October 20, 2021 and those records where the date is today plus 15 days

I don’t see anything explicitly wrong with the expression. Are you certain there are rows that meet the criteria?

By the way, you probably want to use TODAY() and for the Slice you can simplify this expression to simply:

        [Fecha vencimiento del certificado] >= DATE(“20/10/2021”),
        [Fecha vencimiento del certificado] <= TODAY()+15

IFS() is meant for when there are several condition/value pairs and is not the best function to use in your case.

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Thank you very much @WillowMobileSystems I am using IFS because 2 conditions must be met first that the records are made after October 20 and that on the other hand it is not empty and is less than or equal to today plus 15

I have found the error, after investigating for a while the format of the date must be first the month then the day and lastly the year.

Thank you very much for the recommendation.


Understood. Still, IFS is not the best way to approach this particular expression.

I did think about the date format initially but thought you would have been given an error in the expression assistant if the date string was not correct. Guess I assumed wrong on that.

Glad you discovered the problem!!

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