Fuzzy matching

Is there any form of fuzzy matching in appsheet? Or a match of getting something similar to fuzzy matching? I have 2 fields that are Primary Name and Second Name. I only want to display second name if its more than a certain amount different. Most of the time Second Name is Coca-Cola and Primary is Coca Cola so the biggest difference is punctuation but it could also be INC, LLC, etc.

Nothing built in.

It would be fairly easy to build your own to catch most cases though. I imagine just a two column table:

Company Name    | Fuzzy Match

Coca-Cola, LLC. | Coke
Coca-Cola, LLC. | Coca
Coca-Cola, LLC. | Coca-Cola


I believe, once built out, you could use the Predictive Model functionality to help find other matches, in the future.

While this use case would not particularly benefit enough to implement that solution, I think there are cases that would. Thanks!

Yeah, probably more useful if you’re going to have potentially hundreds of users with hundreds of company options. You’ll get all kinds of crazies then.

Well its not User based it’s just the vendor name in our corporate software may not be a company name IE John Newman is the name listed in our vendor table but his company name is John’s Plumbing so you may recognize one or the other but Coca-Cola and Coca Cola doesn’t matter cause you know that’s the same thing. I think the use case was not explained well. We will be displaying “Primary” or “Primary&Secondary” it’s not for any real matching purpose.