G.forms how to hide data for clients

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I am new at appsheet. I have connect my g.forms with appsheet. It works. But i have a question. I wish to give my app to my clients to make orders. They can open it and there is problem. They can see all rows filled by other clients. How i can make it. The uniq data for each client is e-mail. Can make some kind of filter.

If I just response to your question, which is to make some kind of filter based on each client email, you can use security filter with below expression:

[EmailColumn] = USEREMAIL()

Here are further reference:


Thank you so much. I will try to do it. Next i will inform about results.
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Konrad Serwatko

czw., 30 kwi 2020, 12:04 użytkownik Heru Herlambang via AppSheet Creator Community appsheet@discoursemail.com napisał:

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It works. But there is another question. How can i make it in that way. That after filling the row client would see all earlier orders filtrated by e-mail.

czw., 30 kwi 2020, 13:29 użytkownik Konrad Serewatko konrad.serwatko@gmail.com napisał:

With the Security filter, user/client will only see the ONLY row relates to the e-mail. Including all earlier orders.
Perhaps for your case, since the client/user is filling a Form-view, you can change the Finished-View to the view of earlier orders in the UX > VIEW, so after click SAVE, it will navigate to the earlier orders view.

As you wrote this user filter should make to fill new row, and could see earlier rows including that e-mails. But when I put it all rows are not wisable.
I have option for table only ADD. Rewrite and Delete are not used.

In the emulator, you have to insert the user email, as if you are simulating as the users, and click Apply: