Gallery comments

hi Guys i have a gallery and i want the users to interact with the pics on the gallery to be able to place a comment .
ho i can do that please sent me pictures it make me understand better ,i’m new here!
thank you!

Hi, have you thought to use a Gallery or Card view? With the Card view you could add an action button that could open a form view where people can add comments. What do you think?

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i like how it looks, but no i cant add comments

You would need to add additional table for comments. When they are related to your picture, you can show them as well when you click your image. I will check if I have a good sample app how you can do it.

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Check this sample app called “Photo Gallery” from


thank you it is useful to know but can you draw some arrow to point exactly to the option wich will refer the tables…

The Ref field connects these two tables togther… Data is the parent and Comment is a child. This way you can have as many comments as possible. Also please check this article about related table structure.