Gallery display items issue


Since last week i’m having some issue with gallery view on my app. I’m using gallery to display Menu Items. And this happens(see picture)

I tried everything like clear data and cache, reinstalling appsheet.

Not sure what is happening.

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Hi @Vlad_Roman @Will_Witman
I wonder if it has anything to do with the recent gallery changes mentioned in this thread.

It all started on 25th when i was setting the tablet for a new user. So the timeline matches perfectly with 24th Release notes. I believe the bug fix just brought to the surface another bug.

The behavior above is not happening to all my users. Only to two of them and the common thing about them is the tablet model. Huawei MatePad. The thing is that before 24th all was fine and just when setting a new tablet (Huawei MatePad) for a new user a saw this bug. Next day 26th the other user with the same tablet model presented to me with the same bug.

So i believe the bug fix from 24th it’s not working for this tablet model because before 24th all was good.


Please contact for help with this.

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