Gallery Menu Help

I am new to appsheet with no deep tech background. I am having difficulty coming up with the way to create a gallery menu. I have created the view that I want but when clicking on the icon for the specific view that i want the icon to go to it does nothing. I have looked at the sample app for Icon menu and copied everything to the letter but it still does not work. I believe that it is with the formula but i am not sure.

linktoview(“menu”, [name]) so this is a behavior attached to the menu I have 2 columns in the sheet and… help? direction?

When you create galley view out of table, the default behavior is to jump to Detail view of the selected row, when you click the image or text on the gallery view.

You mean this is not happening?

Correct that was not happening. I had the gallery view but there was no behavior link connected to the selected row. I had to create one with the formula.

But actually I think I got it fixed thank you though

Combining with expression, you can do tongs of things with gallery view, App launcher is typical one.