Gallery multiples pour une même table

On the same table I would like to create three “galleries” for three different columns.
If I’m not mistaken, the gallery for a column requires it to be “Label”?
And I can’t seem to put my three galleries in “Label”.

Do you know how I could do it?
you will see attached the columns concerned.

Thank you

What exactly do you mean with "Garrleries"?

AFAIK we don’t have any kinda Gallery property for a column. Can you elaborate?

sorry for the lack of information. i send you a print for gallery

1 Galery OK

2 Gallery not OK

3 Gallery allways not OK

GALLERY VIEW can be created for a TABLE, you can’t create a GALLERY VIEW for a COLUMN

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A gallery view will always only display the text of the row’s label column. Your label column is _ComputedKey:


No matter how you configure the view, it will only ever display the value of the designated label column. You can designate a different label column, but there can be only one (textual) label column per table, so you can’t have different labels displayed for different gallery views of the same table (or any slices of that table).

See also:


that’s what seemed to me, but just in case.

So thank you very much for your answers.

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