Gallery view not displaying thumbnailss

I’m trying to make my first app, have it working for the most part. I have it set up to use the gallery view to open the different views.

This is the example I am working from:

This works fine with just the text labels - ie everything is functioning properly and as expected.

I’m now trying to add images to display as icons for each of the gallery items, however they all display as a triangle with an exclamation mark in them.
I’ve use links to the images from google drive, created as shareable links - anyone with the link can view.
These links are in my menu sheet in the same google drive account.

Note that the same thing is happening in the example app linked above. Is this an issue with Appsheet itself?


When I copied the app the Icons were showing again.

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Sorry what do you mean copy the app? I didn’t copy this example I created mine from scratch.

Do you think it’s an issue with the path to the images or something?

Hi @TimH
It seemed to work ok for me. I added more images. Did you add your images through the app?


I didn’t realise I could (or should) add images though the app. The example says to create a Menu sheet, list the headings in one column, with the associated image links in the 2nd column. That’s what I did.

I copied the app and then previewed it and it’s displaying the icons correctly in that environment. I see it’s created an images subfolder under the app folder in drive, and the images are in there. I’ll try to recreate that.

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Yep, it was a path issue. Thanks for your help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: turns out it didn’t like the svg files I was using ether, which added to the confusion.