Gallery View


I’m fixing my menu on a gallery view but it shows in horizontal way.
Settings: UX Position is Ref in a Dashboard


But when the Settings: UX Position is Right/anything in the lower tab menu, it shows in a vertical way.

June Corpuz

June, welcome to AppSheet!

I wonder if this is because of its placement within the Dashboard? Have you tried looking at the view by itself - NOT in the Dashboard?

Also, maybe you can try changing the Size of the View entries within the Dashboard to see if that affects it?

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I added a Gallery view to my dashboard and I see the same thing you do. (Image below)

I believe this is a bug in the “Use tabs in mobile view” mode. When turned on, it appears the Gallery stays in the scrollable view which seems to be the default when this mode if “off”.

When the “Use tabs in mobile view” mode is “on”, It should switch to a tiled view like you would see in the Gallery view normally.

Please switch this to a bug report.

Thank you for testing it. Will post it in the Bug section. Thank you!