Gantt Chart with Awesome Table

Further to previous post, I pushed functionality to visualize the Appsheet table data, where we have start/end date , into simple Gantt chart, integrated with another Google (Free) service called Awesome Table.

Those are shots from sample app.

  1. Original Appsheet table view with start/end date values.

  2. Hyperlink to Awesome table.

  3. Awesome Table Gantt chart

3.2 gantt chart with browser view

We need a bit of works to use the appsheet data for Awesome table, as spreadsheet data itself can not be read by Awesome table. Create new sheet and push the column names to the first row.
Second row, we need to put the technical terms, like ganttStartDate, ganttEndDate etc, following the instruction from Gantt Chart docs. Otherwise, pulling data from original/live spreadsheet where appsheet is connecting as table source by using query expression of Google Sheet.

The worksheet looks like

No doubt, the native appsheet feature for gantt chart is awaited, but until then this could work as one workaround to visualize own data, especially for task, project management related ones.

The awosome table is set to be opend in the external browser, but once Appsheet iframe new view arrived, it could be embeded inside the app as proper view, I hope.


Thank you so much @tsuji_koichi
For what else could we use Awesome Table in AppSheet? :thinking:

Thanks for sharing. Awesome Table is so awesome that it can find and populated Longitude and Latitutdes from the Address. Appsheet has this limitation. It does not find LAT/Long from address. Maybe in future.



Is this an App, and can you share?