Gantt chart workaround with Column Type "Colour" ..but why column name not shown as table header

Hi Appsheet,

Please look at the screenshot . I am trying to make a workaround gantt chart with yellow dots as virtual column (if it was box it would be a bit closer but its ok). On top as header, it should appear “Aug”,“Sep”,“Oct” etc…When you chose colour , column name does not appear I could chose ‘text’ column but then it will look less like a gantt chart. Is there any suggestion from the community :slight_smile: ?

-j- erry Sumana

Interesting idea with the colored circles! :green_circle: :yellow_circle: :red_circle:

That’s normal for the label to not show on Color-Type columns, as well as Yes/No-Type columns. Since the data is only 1-character wide, the label is omitted to save screen space in Table views.

Try changing the Column-Type to Enum, and add some emojis to the allowed-value list.

You could use a different emoji for each status or stage of a project. The label will show with Text-Type columns now, so maybe change the column’s Display Names to "1"-"12" or "J"-"D" for months (or week numbers 1-52?).

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 6.36.25 AM


Take a look at my second workaround which looks: