Gantt Excel to Google Sheet

Hi all,

Here is the scenario. I have an excel table with a Gantt chart. This Gantt chart is done via conditional formating. If I want to add this table into appsheet without the Gantt showing as column, it is simple in excel. I just need to define the column range for the table. There is an insert table function in excel. Appsheet will then only take this table and ignore the columns which come after which are just 1,2,3,4,5…30,31 representing days.

I prefer google sheet because I seem to get more hurdles with excel. Is it possible to define which columns to take into appsheet with google sheet?



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Hi Steve,

My question comes after I succeeded accidentally when I uploaded one excel sheet into google sheet. This table was simpler though. Instead of starting at row 1, it starts at row 6. Google sheet picked up my table correctly. Happily, I tried one more time with the Gantt file. I define table in excel first and then import but this time it did not work.

Is there a workaround that you can think of?

Hi Steve,

I came up with a workaround I think. Let me repost under Tips and Tricks.

Maybe its not working. Let me observe a few days first before posting on Tips and Tricks.