Gaps between rows in templates


I am trying to set up a pdf te
mplate from a google doc and i´m having some problems. Since I don´t know how many rows will have my report, if I put the expression in a table with a single row, the report creates as many tables as results, leaving a big gap between them. What´s the proper way of setting up a parametric table containing all the rows, or at least reduce the gap between the differents tables?.

Thank you.

Hola Carlos, bienvenido a la comunidad.
Debes poner <<end>> dentro de la tabla, después de <<UDS>>


Lo mismo con la expressión “<<Start…”, debe estar antes de <<CODIGOART>>
Ten en cuenta que de todos modos hay limitantes en cuánto se respeta el template

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Thank you!


Thank you, Marc.

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