GDrive API Integration with AppSheet possible?

I need to create GDocs and GSheets from within the AppSheet app and define the path and name of the file.

Is there a GDrive API integration possible with AppSheet trhat would provide this functionality ?


Yes, I believe you can though I have not yet done so. AppSheet supports REST API’s. since Google’s Sheets API is REST based then you should be able to talk easily from AppSheet to the Sheets API.

In AppSheet is is referred to as a Webhook. You will need to understand the criteria for both sides.

Below is the document for Webhooks. You’ll then need to review the Sheets API for proper content to send.

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He meant if there is any way we can write rows of our table into a google doc with specific template just like creating PDF. Also according to a client that will be a unique key column we need different Gdoc file in different folder. As of now we can do that with PDF but how to do it with google doc ?


I don’t understand. The key column must occur in the same file as the rest of the table; it cannot exist in another file in a different folder.

thx for replies )
so what I need to achieve right now with the GDrive API integration to AppSheet is to :

  • create a new G-Doc / G-Sheet document
  • define the path under which the document is created
    ** (here a folder of the client’s GDrive account, which is shared with me)
  • obtain the share link of the created document

So that’s the tasks right now I need to see if it can be done with AppSheet.

That is what I understood you were looking for and I believe you can do so. There is not a built in integration in AppSheet yet to Google API (I’m sure will be coming) but AppSheet does provide a generic ability to call REST API’s. Its simply a matter of understanding what the Google API expects to be given and how you provide that information from AppSheet.

Unfortunately, though I have created integrations with REST API’s in the past, I have not yet done so in AppSheet. I can’t help with the formatting. Others in the community can help with specific questions as you start building out the capability. Hopefully, the article above and Google’s API documentation will help you get started.

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