Generate a personalized email with an action

Hello! I have an app attached to a Google Sheet that contains a unique QR Code (png image) for each person in a list. I have made the QR code scannable and it works to bring up a profile.

I would like to automatically generate an email with the QR code image with text like, “You are Approved. Here is your unique QR code that will be scanned upon entry” based on a Yes/No action “Credential Approved”.

Here are the steps I have already complted:

  1. Person submits a form “Credentials Application” (I already have that form generating a QR code and auto-responding that their application has been received).
  2. I have a column in my spreadsheet with data validation options Approved, NotApproved
  3. Person on my team reviews applications and selects “Approved” or “NotApproved”

Need to know:
Based on the Action “Approved” generate an email with their Unique QR Code image and some text.
Based on Action"NotApproved" generate an email with text, sorry your application was not approved.

I would welcome any suggestions… thanks!