Generate form dynamically

Hi community,

I have the following use case

  • User needs to respond to an questionnaire and depending on the responses, one or more tasks need to get created
  • On the form, there are few generic questions that are always displayed
  • There are few questions that are displayed conditionally e.g. when an answer to one of the previous question is ‘xyz’
  • For each question, there are fixed possible response options, options could be single select or multi-select. Some of the possible option values to be displayed for a given question could depend on the response to one of the previous question
  • Once the user ‘submits’ the form, depending on the selected responses of questions, one or more ‘tasks’ need to get created at the backend e.g. if the response to the question1 is ‘xyz’ then task-123 gets created

In this something Appsheet can support?
Would appreciate it if you can provide any pointers on how to achieve this

Column of type Enum.

Column of type EnumList.



Thanks @Steve - i’ll explore the topics you have pointed to.
Another question - In our target state, this application would be published as web app and not as mobile/ tablet app.
Is it possible to direct users to Appsheet web app home page from a custom domain name? Web app home page will have some landing text (mostly static content) and sign-in options (exploring Appsheet - aws cognito integration for invitation-only based sign-ins). Once signed in (if they have been invited), users will interact with app (questionnaire I referred to earlier).

Thanks again for your quick response

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I’m afraid I myself don’t have answers to those questions. :frowning: I encourage you to make use of the community’s search feature, as I know those topics have been discussed by others here. You might also start a new topic for those questions in particular.