Generate Monthly PDF Report

Hi, I met a problem when I’m trying to generate a PDF report for my employee task log. I am trying to generate a timesheet log report every first day of the month.
The image below is my docs template and I’m not sure if I did this correctly. For example, employee 1’s all timesheet log is shown first followed by employee 2 and so on.

After that, when I tried to test my event, it actually shows nothing. Not sure which part is inaccurate. Appreaciate any help from you. Thanks!!

Please review the above article in more detail.

START expects a List of key values. I don’t know what “Log ID” is supposed to be, but it is not a List of key values. If “Log ID” is a Table name, then you can just add the key column after it to produce a report with all records in that Table, like Log ID[key-column]

You also appears to be missing an <<END>> statement. It should go after <<Location>> (which should also have square brackets around it to reference the column value).

I also don’t think your ORDERBY expression in the 2nd column is going to get you what you’re wanting/expecting. What are you intending here?

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“Log ID” is my key column where it will be auto-generated when each employee clocked in to the application.

What I’m trying to do is to show a timesheet log report based on the example I’ve created in below. Because in the timesheet log, all the employee are mixed up so I want to group them by employee ID for my PDF report.

Then your START expression should be:
START:table-name[Log ID]

You need to use the ORDERBY to affect the order of the List of key values in the START expression, it is doing nothing just sitting by itself in your second column.


Okay, I understand how it actually works now!! Thank you for your guidance :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I am working on a similar app, can you shed some light on your final solution. Also, how do you get the SUM of Total Hours for each Employee.