Generate monthly salary report

I have a table of employees, with a daily salary field; I have another table where I record if the employee did not work on a specific date, to discount the day. How can I generate monthly reports that show me a list of all the employees with the data of the period that I have to pay, the days that they did not attend to work to subtract them from the total, and other concepts that are included in a detail table? example, name, id, role, department, daily salary, number of days worked, number of absences, social security, loans, amount to receive, etc. Should I make another table or can I make a query indicating the date range in a detail view, and through virtual columns generate lists filtering by the indicated dates? what is recommended?

You could go the “table” route and attempt to aggregate and such, but I might recommend you study up on Reports as there is quite a bit you can do with Appsheet template expressions. I would start there.


thank you very much, i will try