Generate multiple entries in a table from a row in another

I’m creating an app to keep track of products on sale in a food shop. I have a table of products and I want to be able to create another table for the ones on display. I can do that one at a time (using Linktoform) but is there a way for someone to add say 4 of the same item, without having to repeat the process 4 times. So, I’m looking to add four identical rows in the new table.

If not, can I keep track of the number of items in the second table row and simply increment or decrement by a number when added or sold?

May I ask why do you want to copy the same data to two different tables? Wouldn’t it better to use filtered slice for different views?

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Thanks. I want to have as the main working table the items that have been put on sale/ display. I could use slices and will thanks to your suggestion (I’m new to this so had not thought of it). How about adding multiple items, ie sometimes they want to put out say 4 or 10 items of a particular product?

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If you want to use the earlier added record as a default, then you could trigger an event action after the form is saved and copy data from that saved record. Is this something that you are looking for?