Generate PDF and Email after form submit

Hey, I have a question. For a while now I have been using Document Studio to generate PDF’s and emails after a form has been submitted. I just found out about AppSheet today. When I convert the form into an app the last section of the app is asking for a link for document studio. Now normally Document studio auto-creates this link. The link is just a folder in google drive where it generates the form, stores it, and emails it. I was wondering if there is a way to still have Document Studio generate the PDF and email when the form is submitted through the app? If not is there a way to have the email generated through the app and PDF on form submit?

I may advise checking out documentation in this page:


Thanks interviewing now

Just learned how to get an email sent!!! Learning about PDF’s now

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Thanks again I now have the PDF working! Now that I have my app working the way i want to, how can i improve the feel and look of the app?

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