Generate pdf File for each row of the child table

Hi, I am very new in Appsheet.
I’ve created an app for my COVID cohort ward.

My question is;
I have a table with a child table within it.
I created a workflow to generate a pdf file after the [status] column has changed to “complete”.
All I want is to generate a pdf file that each page of it contains only the data of each row of the child table. Let’s say, I have 5 rows of the child table, I want a 5 paged-pdf file that its header shows the data from the parent table, and the detail part shows the data from the child table.

I’ve try to use <<start:[.....]>> and <<End>> Expression, but I got a single page pdf file with the data of all rows of the child table.

Please help.

Because you wish for each child to appear on a new page, you need to arrange the template so that a Page Break is applied inside of the <<start:[.....]>> and <<End>> block. So something like this:


[[table(s) or column/value pairs for your child row]]

<[<[Inserted Page Break]>]>


I have never tried this approach but based on my experience with other templates I believe that this should work for you.