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Hello everybody,

I request your help to be able to solve the setback that the following situation generates:

Not being able to obtain the name in the report (Image below) that I generate through a virtual column, which depends on two dates, start and end. The virtual column extracts the student’s name (Student ID) from the payments table, since the payments table is referenced to the student registration table.

I’ve tried lookup, but it doesn’t work because of the column type difference (list and text).

You can guide me which formula to use to extract the name of the payments table.

Thank you very much for your support.



Hi @lefarole,

I’m not sure of fully understand how your data are related, but I understand that the column ‘Nombre’ is the result of a lookup, and it seems to return the key_column of your table Students.

Let’s assume the current expression in the your Start sentence is <<[related_student]>>, and that is your virtual column that uses a lookup formula.
In that case, you will need to set its type to REF and to select source table : Students.

If so, you can then use expression <<[related_student].[Nombre]>>.

Is it correct ?
If not, can you please provide:

  • start sentence you use
  • expression you use for your lookup formula

Kind regards


Hello ,

An apology for not having explained it correctly, I give you a little more context.

I am generating a report of payments between two dates where I create a virtual column to bring me the information of the payments that match the criteria set. This works correctly in the view, when taking this information to a PDF file through a Bot, in which I tell it to take the virtual column in order to obtain all the information and translate it into the PDF, where it gives me the key Id, which is in the payment record table to which this payment record table is referenced to the student record table.

What I am looking for is to bring the name from the student registration table using the Id key that the virtual column gives me.

I hope I have been clearer, thank you for your support.



Payment record table
Registro pagos

Student registration table
Registro Alumnos

Thanks for the context :+1:

What if you use <<[Nombre].[Nombre]>> instead of <<[Nombre]>> in the start/end expression ?

I think (just my opinion) I would be more adequate to rename your column “Nombre” from the table Payment into “Alumno”

This way, you can get informations from your alumnos.
like : [Alumno].[Nombre], [Alumno].[Becado], etc.
the header “Nombre” in the payment table is confusing :stuck_out_tongue:

Let us know if that does the job !



Thank you very much, I appreciate your time and your support. It worked perfect …


Glad to hear it worked !
Remember to tick the post as a solution, if that may help someone else in your case :wink: