Generate probability with Predictive Models

Hello, I’m using the appsheet to do some tests with predictive models.

I watched some videos in which the platform itself recommends, among them one that generates the probability of a customer leaving the phone plan.

I’m trying to replicate this project for me to study, but I’m not managing to generate the probability, it is always 0.00%

I will leave some screenshots here and can someone help me with this?

In addition, I leave the link to the spreadsheet I am using.

link: ASSINANTE - Google Sheets

1- Iteligence table, Predictive Models tab, with some Inputs

2- Prediction result, with my “Model Summary” and “Use your model” options

3 - In “data”, “Columns”, I added a virtual column called “Probability” and put the following formula


4- In “UX” I ordered by “Probability” and the fields that I want to appear “Probability” and “Customers”

I would like to generate this graph, but I am not getting it

Hi Igor, thanks for reaching out. We had included the PREDICTPROB function with an earlier beta release of the predictive models feature, but it’s no longer supported. I apologize for the confusion - we should update our help articles to reflect this.

For your second problem about the graphs - that sounds like a legitimate bug. You should see a similar graph when you train your own model. Could you send a ticket to that includes the name of your app and details about which predictive model is not showing a graph? We have a support team that is very responsive, whereas forum DMs may have some delay :slight_smile:

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Hello Tony, thank you very much for the answer and the explanations. I will follow your instructions, thanks again.

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