Generate Warning Type Alarm or reminder

I need to create a notification, a certain number of minutes after a date and time saved with a change time stamp.
I can not find a way to trigger the notification.
How would I have to do?

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I’m afraid that’s not possible unless you don’t use a time-triggered script.

I think you might be able to do this using Zapier.

Here is the general idea:

  1. The add or update would trigger a workflow webhook that is sent to Zapier.
  2. In Zapier you would create a “Catch Hook” that is invoked by the webhook from step 1.
  3. Zapier provides a “delay for a period of time” action.
  4. Once the delay expires, you could perform an Zapier action that sends the notification.

You can use a scheduled workflow that is basically checking for a state… So, it could run every minute, or hour, or day… And when it finds the state that needs notification, Bam.

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That is exactly what I try to do!
But I can not find where to configure it to run every certain amount of minutes.
Could you tell me where I set it?
Thank you!

It’s next to workflow, called reports.

I started there, and only found daily options at a certain time, not minutes.

@Alfredo_Pou Yes that’s correct. The smallest interval is one day. If you would like to send a reminder within working day, you should add 8 different scheduled reports where they will be triggered like 9AM, 10AM, 11AM etc.

Yes, I understand that but those would be sent to a fixed schedule each, it’s not what I need. Unless it can be configured through an expression in which the same app can define that schedule as many times as it wants.
Since what I need is that from a changetimestamp I sent a push notification a certain number of minutes after I saved the timestamp.

Then you would need to use either with Zapier as @Phil described or for example with scripting.

Is there any limit? If I wanted to do it for 24 hours every half hour, could I make 48 reports?

In generally speaking you could do that, but I would prefer to use the approach from Mr @Phil.

Interesting post, @Aleksi for the @Phil solution about the webhook with zapier, Do I need a business plan, or Can I use this feature in a PRO plan?

@Fernando_Lopez Pro is okay because of webhook.

Is that possible now?
Is it possible to have notification as other apps?

Hi @Phil,

Is there an easy but well detailed sample about how to do this. It would be an excellent contribution to the community.

Thanks in advance!

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