Generated PDF files are formatting improperly

I have a workflow action that takes a Google Doc template I’ve made for generating letters to be printed out for clients.

I tried following all the best practices I could find in the documentation, but for some reason the PDF it generates has random, two-letter pairs where the kerning/spacing is off, they are scrunched together. Then it’ll go so many words that are fine, before “scrunching” up another two-letter pair. It could be two letters in the middle of a word, or a two letter word like “it”, again it just seems random.

The template file is spaced fine. After the workflow rule occurs, the saved file has the issue, both in PDF form and when it prints out.

Any possible guidance?

I don’t get it. You can share a sample photo in order for us to understand it.

Here’s a screenshot of the generated file, where it has the spacing issue.

Here’s the original template file (The font is different, yes, but even when I was using that font the issue appeared on all created PDF files, changing font I thought might fix the issue but it doesn’t).

You can email regarding this issue.

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Mine has done the same thing since I started using Appsheet over a year ago. Making the font bigger has been the only way to make it easier to read but that’s not a real fix. It doesn’t seem to matter which font or if the pdf is made using a google doc or ms word. I’ve included a picture. Capture


I’m having the same issue and have never found a solution. @Steve Any ideas?

My experience with report formatting is virtually none. I’d have to refer you to

I admire your honesty and straightforwardness

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Hmm, that is odd. Adding @Harsh_Ch , @Sanmay_Jain FYI

Also, please see “Why is the PDF file not formatted correctly?” in Troubleshooting Create and Save a File | AppSheet Help Center

As documented there, the problem is usually a step 1 or at step 3 (and very often it is actually at step 1 which is something you may be able to fix yourself, use trial-and-error exporting the doc to html — usually there is nothing we can do if the problem is in that part)


I am having a the same challenge, after testing with a couple dozen fonts, some format better than others. I would be interested in any guidance beyond trial and error…