Generating a list from products in the app

Hi There,

I’m new to this and have been playing around with appsheet for a few weeks.

I have created a sample app with a price list for products, which have codes, descriptions and pricing. What I would like to achieve is the following.

I would like my clients to use this app when ordering materials. So in effect, they can search or look up part numbers, selected a multiple check boxes which places the items into a list and then from there, they will be able to email or whats app the list through to me.

Any help or links will be much appreciated.


Hi @Sean_Collins! Welcome to the AppSheet Community!

I am not sure what your ask is. Could you rephrase and elaborate?

HI John,

Thanks for getting back to me.

The following needs to happen.
The client will look at the following list

  1. Apple
  2. Orange
  3. Banana

Then lets say they choose the orange. They need to be able to click a check box which will then store the item Orange into separate tab called order list. From there they can choose the quantity required of the item and then have the option email the list on to me

Have you looked at the available sample apps?

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As @Steve suggested pre-built sample apps are a good place to start to show what is available.

If you haven’t seen it this is a good one I think:

For orders, the pattern you likely will need to use is creating an Order table and a Order Details table. Then create a Parent/Child relationship between the two. What this provides is an Inline table on your Order form that shows the list of Order Items and provide the ability to add to that list. When you add an Order Detail, it opens an Order Detail form where you select the item (Apple, Orange, Banana), quantity and any other Order Detail information required maybe unit price and total item price).

For Parent/Child relationship scroll down to 'Expressing Ownership Between Tables"


Thanks for this.I will have a look into this and revert back to you.

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