Generating Max number

How to use the MAX formula for the below mention scenario (MAX(SELECT(Responses[Tran], ([REGION]&(MONTH([TIMESTAMP]))&(year([TIMESTAMP]))))+1

I would like a transaction number running for each region independent of the other regions. Example: AZ gets a call and transaction #1, then #2 for the second call and so on during the month, perhaps ending with the last call of the month (#95). While CTX has #1, then #2, until the last call, perhaps being #32. No longer utilizing the perpetual counter that we are using now.

First of all… do you have more than one user filling data for one region? If yes, this approach won’t work if two or more users are using the app at the same time… they will have the same number.

If the app is use by the several person @ one time how will be formulated the same scenario.

Unfortunately there is no way to avoid the dublicate number. They both will have the same number.

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