Generating values for a data table

Hi, I am trying to build a project pipeline and capacity planner app. The main data table captures the list of projects and expected delivery sprint times in terms of a From and To Date, and total hours.

I want to generate values for another table whereby there is an entry for each week during that duration splitting the total hours equally. Seems like an expression logic but would appreciate if you could give me some leads or direct me to examples/documentation to help me find a solution.

To give an example:
Main Project Pipeline table:
Project 1 - 100 hours - 01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan -2020

Generated Sprint Projection Table:
Project 1 - Jan-Week1 - 20 hrs
Project 1 - Jan-Week2 - 20 hrs

Disclaimer - I am a newbie in Appsheet but have been a s/w developer in the past.

Many Thanks,

It sounds that you are looking for a related table structure where the Project is a parent table and all weeks are child records. Please check this article…

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Thanks Aleksi. I already have the tables linked through references. What I am looking for is a mechanism to auto-generate values for fields based on values in other tables. Maybe I’ll explore expressions and Autocompute fields to see if that helps.


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