Geo-fencing an app


I have tried to create an app that users can see the data only if they are at a certain location (1 km from our office).
It is being used for reserving parking spots in our office - we want only employees that get close to the office to be able to reserve a parking spot.
When the location is turned on via the phone it works well (used the HERE function in slice users)
But when the location is turned off the phone uses the last known location so basically users can turn it off and then always have access to the data.

Does anyone know how I can limit the access to the app/data when the location is turned off.



How do you make the reservation with your app? With an action button?

Thanks for the prompt response!

Yes - an ‘Edit’ action button that gets the user to another screen so they can edit the status

When the user opens that records, you could validate location is it something else than 0,0 at this moment. For example with DISTANCE and HERE expressions.