GEO-FENCING TRIGGERS: Send Webhooks to Add/Edit Rows or Trigger Actions Based on Location

Want to add a row or trigger an action when a user enters/exits a certain geographical area?

App-creators can capture the user’s location using the HERE() function, but the app-user must still SAVE & SYNC the app to submit data.
AppSheet does not support live streaming of location or geo-fencing triggers.

Using Integromat and the AppSheet API, App-Creators can trigger a webhook to their app when users enter/exit a defined zone.

  • The user must install the free Integromat app and enable location services on their mobile device.
  • Note: There is no AppSheet-Specific Integromat app, but the HTTP app will work.

Once configured and enabled on a user’s device, app-creators can set up a ‘Scenario’ in Integromat to send an HTTP request when the user enters/exits a zone.

AppSheet and Integromat both provide detailed documentation on how to format the webhooks.

App-creators can add/edit/delete a row, or invoke an action based on the webhook formatting.


  • Send Email when delivery arrives without driver<->app interaction
  • Auto check-in students or gym members for a class
  • Send a text when driver is 1 mile away

Full Disclosure: GreenFlux is an Integromat Partner Developer. I am not asking for referrals, and use of this integration does not require a paid plan. This info is to benefit the AppSheet developer community.


Does it require any special paid plan with appsheet?

Hi @1111. I’m using the AppSheet API (inbound to app) on the Pro Plan ($10/month).

I’m not sure if the API is available on the Premium Plan ($5/month).

The pricing guide actually looks like the REST API only works with a Business Plan, but I’ve been using it with the Pro Plan for a while now. I guess the guide is outdated.

So, the integromat app is free?
Do the users need to sign in?
Could they use their AWS Cognito login?

Hey @Grant_Stead!

  • Yes, the iOS/Android Integromat app is FREE! :smiley:
  • And the free version of the web service supports all apps/integrations they offer, with a 1000 operations/month limit.
  • Yes, the mobile user would have to be signed into the Integromat mobile app, using the same Integromat account that configures the scenario (or a linked account- paid plans only).

I’m not sure on the AWS Cognito login. You can create an account with Google, Facebook, GitHub, or with your email.

Thanks for the info!
I guess how does that scale? If I have 50 users, they all log in with my account?

Yes, for the Integromat mobile app, all the users would login with your one Integromat account. So all of their usage would count against your free 1000 operation/month limit.

There is also an option to create ‘Organizations’ in Integromat, so you can share and collaborate on Scenarios with other Integromat users (paid plans only).

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Thank you @GreenFlux for pushing Integromat. Your example is perfect!
In my opinion Integromat is much better than Zapier and AppSheet should consider building an own App in Integromat, like they did for Zapier.


Yes, Integromat is SO much more powerful than Zapier! There are tons of other use-cases that could supplement AppSheet, like retrieving a POST response or adding GET requests.